The City of Antioch and its Rich Origins

One of the earliest towns in California was Antioch. It was actually established in 1850. The year following the discovery of gold, there was a great sickness that over-took the city and killed most of the people who lived there. Two siblings first started the town, William and Joseph Smith, who called the town Smith’s landing. In the year 1851, the town’s minister convinced the homeowners to alter the name of the town to Antioch. This was in reference to the city of Antioch in Turkey from the bible.

Antioch a Center of Many Activities

Antioch is situated on the banks of the San Joaquin River in Northern California. You can find it from Highway 4, in Contra Costa County. The population of Antioch is over 100,000 which has made it the center of East Contra Costa County. It provides a range of work, shopping and several leisure activities.

The weather condition of Antioch is somewhat arid. This translates to more moderate rains and summer seasons that are parched and dry. Their record heat was 117 degrees Fahrenheit, with the record low being 18 degrees. Most the year the temperature ranges from 85 to 90 in the summertime and gets down to 40 in the winter.The typical temperature level has to do with 85-90 degrees throughout the summertime and winters are around 40.

Not as Expensive Compared to Other Bay Cities

Antioch is among the couple of Bay Location neighborhoods that provides economical real estate. There are a range of home designs throughout Antioch, from condos to single household houses, priced for a range of earnings levels.

Always Something to Do

The rate of advancement in Antioch has actually stimulated activity for monetary and insurance coverage organizations, specialists, and other kinds of service-oriented companies. Increased advancement has actually produced more opportunity in schools, medical facilities and other regional service sectors. There’s constantly something to do in Antioch; like the County Fair, playing a round of Golf, or blasting down slides at the Prewett Household Water Park.