The kitchen is the heart of any home, so it only makes sense that there is an urge to make it the dream space to cook up a storm or share beautiful moments with friends and family! Are you planning to revamp your present kitchen to turn it into your dream kitchen? If your kitchen needs redesigning or you simply want to reinvigorate your coloring scheme, now is the perfect time to do so! In this article we will walk you through some of the best emerging trends that will help you plan your dream kitchen:

The Working Kitchen Triangle

Lay out the refrigerator, stove and the sink so that they should have no less than four feet in between them with a triangle shape in order to have the kitchen flow better. Also, the doors should be placed such that the traffic always walks away from the working triangle.

Kitchen floor


Choose your kitchen flooring wisely as it has got to stand up to a lot of foot traffic, shrug off spills and stains, and look great while doing it. Sheet Vinyl, Porcelain Tiles and Linoleum are some of the options that are water-proof, stain-proof, resilient, slip-resistant and durable.

Dark Kitchens

One of the favorite trends of 2019 is a dark color palette in the kitchen. Having fewer primary colors and laying greater emphasis on black is in vogue. Dark palette can easily add elegance and a sense of drama to any home. Dark colors look best when contrasted with brown, grey, taupe and beige. For e.g. One of the combinations could be dark grey with natural wood as wood is elegant, timeless and adds warmth to the space. The natural wood helps to humanize and soften up the space creating a perfect balance with the dark color.

Kitchen Appliances

The Appliances

The appliances must be placed so that there is sufficient working space around them. For example, make sure you have enough landing space on either side of your stove, to freely turn handles and to avoid any fire hazard. If you have a french door fridge(which means both doors open),  make sure you have a landing space right behind the fridge like an Island surface or a peninsula, because obviously the space beside the fridge is inaccessible. Also, use similar colors for all appliances, for a clean and classy look.

Open Shelving

Open Shelving helps you to personalize your kitchen and show your style. Open shelving and glass fronted cabinets allow homeowners to showcase their personalities with displays of unique and artistic kitchen and dining room pieces. For e.g. you could incorporate cups, vases, recipe books, wooden décor pieces and plants to add color and texture to your kitchen. It looks beautiful and is functional at the same time.

Kitchen Counter and Backsplash

Counter and Backsplash

In 2019, we are going back to basics for counters. High contrasting marbles in dark colors are timeless and elegant. Also, “Terrazzo” has made a comeback and has a separate fan-base. Backsplashes are no longer resigned to just being practical elements. Now designers are using them to create real focal points in the kitchen. For e.g. LED lighting and backsplash could be used together to define and create an accent in your kitchen.

The X-Factor

Be your own designer and apply your own bunch of ideas to make your kitchen stand out. You could have a pot filler right above the stove to fill the pan with water and a wine cooler to keep your wines chilled at all times. LED lights underneath the cabinets not only looks stunning at night but is also prove really functional if you are cutting around and you can have a really good light on it. Blue hidden LED right below the island, makes it look like its floating.

Pendant lights above the island keep the area well illuminated and make the island stand out. Adding plants inside is always trending and helps to humanize spaces. You could also do away with the regular sinks and install a sink in gold or multi-functional sink, equipped with cutting boards, colanders, a drain rack and stainless-steel bowls.

With these tips, a dreamy looking kitchen is easily attainable. Just keep in mind that at the end, everything needs to come together and you are going to have a really beautiful result.