Origins of the California City of Oakley

R.C. Marsh first started the city of Oakley in 1897. It is located east of Antioch, CA and north of the city of Brentwood. The following year Marsh became the first postmaster of Oakley, California.

It has been discovered that the Miwok, Yokut, and Ohlone Indians first lived in the place now known as Oakley. In just the past few years old camps, burial premises and many artifacts have been discovered. In 1986 numerous Miwok skeletons were discovered in the Big Break location and an Ohlone pestle. Also, a tool made of stone that was used for the grinding of acorns and grain was discovered in 1992.

The First Settlers to Build

The Physician John Marsh was the first European person to become a resident in Contra Costa County. He arrived in this region in the year 1836. He constructed a riverboat freight landing on the San Joaquin River in the 1840’s. It became known as Marsh Landing was really crucial to the early growth of Oakley and nearby areas.

There were people who came to this part of Contra Costa County, but made fun of those who chose to live here. This was because of the sandy nature of the soil. When the 1950’s came, Oakley became very strong in the almond industry and to this day has a yearly Almond Celebration.

Oakley Becomes a City

The City of Oakley was officially a city in July 1999. It was to become one of California’s youngest cities. Locals take pleasure in a great location with a plentiful real estate, quality schools, and a friendly environment.

Oakley is today a place of rolling vineyards and fields. It provides everyone a look at Oakley’s farming origins. The city has changed from a small farming settlement to a ever growing place of parks, things to do, malls, and city development.

The people of Oakley can truly be proud to live in a city that is safe, has a great quality of life, and a lively past.