In most households, the kitchen serves as the epicenter of activities. It is where you utilize the culinary skills, and gather for a family dinner. This is where the guests congregate on special occasions! Unless the kitchen is designed well, it can hamper the functionality and cooking activities. In many households, kitchen redesign becomes a need from time to time. However, you need to steer clear of the common kitchen remodeling pitfalls while revamping your kitchen. These mistakes can cause you hassles and bleed a hole in your wallet, too.

Listed below are the commonest kitchen revamp mistakes you should evade making:

Avoid Spending Over The Limit

One big mistake many homeowners do while revamping their kitchens is overspending. This can be caused by impulse or a lack of proper planning. You may get carried away by a set of expensive glazed tiles while revamping the kitchen or end up spending much more on buying kitchen appliances or cabinets. To evade this mistake, it is advisable that you set a budget before getting into revamping work. Divide the budget into subsections like lighting, flooring, furnishing, and appliances, etc. This is even more essential when you are also revamping other areas of the house, not only the kitchen.

Being Impractical About Revamp

While revamping the kitchen, you definitely want to give the space a new and fresh look. However, evade the tendency to go overboard about it. You have to think of the overall decor and architectural style of the house. For instance, it does not make sense to give your kitchen an ultra-modern, chic look when the house has a typically traditional, Victorian-era d├ęcor.

Ignoring The Need For Appliance Upgrades

This is a mistake plenty of homeowners make while remodeling their kitchens. They focus only on things like extending countertop or replacing worn out wardrobes, etc. While those are also necessary during a kitchen revamp, you need to discard aging appliances too. You may think your decade old dishwasher or refrigerator is still running and you may wait a few more years to replace those devices. However, the truth is those ageing appliances guzzle power and inflate your energy bills, month after month. Along with revamping the kitchen you may just as well sell or exchange those ageing devices and get newer energy efficient models. They will not only look good but also help you save on energy bills significantly.

Moving The Plumbing Setup

Unless it is absolutely necessary, try to keep the plumbing setup where it is when you remodel the kitchen. In most setups, overhauling the pipes, sink and drainage system can be quite costly.

Discarding The Existing Cabinets

This is a mistake most homeowners make when redesigning their kitchens. Cabinet frames are quite costly and so do not discard them unless they are really damaged or worn out. You can always get a carpenter to change the front fascia of the cabinet, apply a fresh coat of paint to jazz up the looks. Re-laminating the surface is another option you can think of doing. However, ensure you get the cabinets to spray painted by a professional.

Ignoring The Lighting

You may not have thought much about it but proper and well-executed lighting is an integral part of kitchen revamping. Based on the size and shape of the kitchen you can rearrange the lights. You may actually do a lot of things in this regard. Replacing your old lamps with energy-saving LED lamps is an option. You can also extend the existing window or create a new one in the kitchen to let natural light seep in. You need to place lights in the revamped kitchen thoughtfully. Spotlight is ideal for countertops and sink where most activities will take place. However, you may also install soft diffused lights for creating a relaxed ambiance when you are not cooking or having a cup of tea with family members.

Not Keeping Provision For Extra Costs

Setting a budget for kitchen revamp is necessary and overstepping it is not prudent. However, it is also ideal that you keep an amount for some unforeseen and additional expenses. Regardless of the style and size of the kitchen, you may eventually buy certain accessories or products while revamping it to enhance the looks and usability. These can include stylish door knobs, handles, new hinges, door stoppers, etc.

Overlooking Storage Needs

Surely you will want your revamped kitchen to look stunning but it will not be wise to overlook the utility aspect! Ensure you enhance the storage options while remodeling the kitchen. You can opt for wall hanging wardrobes or spilled the existing shelves into smaller ones for enhanced utility. In smaller kitchens, using sliding cabinets are handy. If the kitchen is spacious, you can buy floor standing storage cabinets with wheels underneath. These can be repositioned and moved easily.