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When your hardwood floors are fading and losing their natural color, worn out due to high traffic, dull, lightly scratched with lacerations and grimy, you can attempt an effective but low-cost restoration approach recognized as screening and re-layering. The best inside information for you is that when you do a re-coating of your hardwood floor surface at least once a year, this simple procedure will rejuvenate your hardwood floors and assist to protect the floor from the normal or excessive wear and tear due to non-stop daily foot traffic. If you are organizing an open house or some other important event in your house, this the best time to refresh the look of your wood flooring.

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We can renew your hardwood floors making them look new again.

Change the look of your wood floors with a new finish without the inconvenience of having to sand them off. Instead, use a straightforward chemical etching approach and spread a new topcoat finish. When in doubt seek advice for the right floor solution,

don’t Replace when you can simply Renew your hardwood floors. Contact ProStar Home Wood Floor Refinishing Services for a free estimate today!

Wood Floor Refinishing Services | Custom Home Builder Pacific Grove CA

Wood Floor Refinishing Services | Custom Home Builder Pacific Grove CA

Over time your hardwood floors may develop into such a degenerate condition that they will need a complete replacement or be in need to sand them down and re-coat them. Hardwood floors tend to lose color and fade due to high foot traffic wear progression or merely sun fading. ProStar Home can repair or conceal most of the damaged areas and refurbish that unique life and shine to your floors.

Let a Professional Help You

ProStar Home progressive wood revitalization flooring professionals are readily available in Monterey County, CA to give your floors new life and restore them to their authentic beauty in your home or office.  Contact ProStar Home for a free comprehensive quote.

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Genuine Floor Restoration Brings Back the Natural Luster of your Hardwood Floors 

The ideal Floor Renewal job is a floor that has some visible wear with a few light surface scratches. The finish will be mostly ok with no signs of bare wood. Separations between the boards is small and the entire floor needs very little touch-up, if any. A Basic Floor Renewal is usually done in a single day.
Hardwood floors are naturally charming, durable, and increase your home’s value. Yet, a lot of people are afraid to have them in their homes because they have a negative reputation of being extremely high maintenance. Some of the most common and biggest objections people have is that their hardwood floors have lost their shine and become faded, dull and grimy.

There are a couple of distinct reasons why hardwood may tend to lose its gleam. In the majority of the times, an uncomplicated fix or minor change in your habits will take care of the problem.

Hardwood gives your floors that air of predominance and if you take care of them properly, they will last and maintain their luster for many years.


Does Your Hardwood Floor Need to Be Refurbished?

Wood Floor Refinishing Services | Custom Home Builder Pacific Grove CA

Wood Floor Refinishing Services | Custom Home Builder Pacific Grove CA


As you may expect, the finish on hardwood floors does not last forever. At some point in your house’s lifetime, it may very well be possible that your floors may need to be reconditioned. You can lengthen the finish life of your hardwood floors when you cut shoe traffic and frequently clip your pet’s nails while also making use of furniture leg protectors.

When water drops are absorbed into the floor’s surface, eventually the floor will lose its natural color and turn white or gray. When that happens, your hardwood floor finish will need some required attention.


It’s Best if You Don’t Allow Wax Buildup

Whenever you regularly use wax on your hardwood floors, the wax will need to be removed. Over the years, waxing can literally make your floor finish appear dull and tired. As a precaution, waxing should only be used twice in a year maximum. Most people use it as often as once a week unfortunately.

One easy and quick solution is to employ a commercial product to help you strip off the wax buildup from your floor’s surface.


What Are You Really Doing When You Mop a Dirty Floor?

Most people are unaware that when they mop their dirty hardwood floor, they are causing it to become dull faster. This is by far the biggest cause of dull floors due to people’s ignorance on mopping their floors without sweeping the dust off first.