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Floor Tile Installation Contractor Monterey Ca

Floor Tile Installation Contractor Monterey Ca


It is very important that you have your home interior floor in top shape. Having a smooth surface would prevent any potential accidents. Pro Star Home floor contractor can help you with your floor once you are ready. We can meet your exact needs for a beautiful floor so you can enjoy it for years to come. 

After you have decided to change your floor surface, it’s best if you have done your research to weigh in your best options. Importantly, this is so that you know about all the details that would involve your flooring needs. Moreover, getting to know a flooring contractor would be good choice. They can help you make a wise choice on the best flooring for both your wants and needs.

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Your First Step to Getting a New Floor

The first step before hiring a flooring contractor would be to choose the right flooring color and shade. However, these should match the other features in your house. An experienced flooring contractor may help save you time in this regard. Schedule a free consultation with our Pro Star Home flooring contractor to help guide you every step of the way. Also we can help you with your floor design pattern and material color. Lastly, we will guide you so that it properly matches the color shades of your house. 

Even the best flooring design and style can end up looking awful and distasteful when the color scheme is not right. It’s best for you to make a solid plan ahead of time. However, you should do this before you start calling flooring contractors for a work estimate. This simple process will save you valuable time. Additionally, it will help you make a good choice about the type of flooring that is best for your home.

If you are still undecided about the type of floor material to choose, below are some ideas. We have included the different types of flooring and the locations in your home where you can have them installed.


Living Room Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is wanted for its organic, endless beauty and lasting dependability. The two most common hardwood flooring types available are: hardwood planks 100% solid, and engineered wood. Basically, engineered wood is many thin layers of wood laminated together with balanced backing on the bottom.

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What Places in your Home should Hardwood Floors be Installed?

Hardwood flooring is recommended to be installed in most rooms in your home. Still, there are some areas where it shouldn’t be installed. These include any areas subject to high humidity like bathrooms and laundry rooms. On the other hand, engineered wood flooring would be good for basements or over concrete slab installations.

How dependable is hardwood and engineered flooring?

Hardwood flooring offers one of the most elegant and dependable natural materials which homeowners have come to value most. Also, there a lot of things that affect the performance of this type of floor. Among these factors are: the wood species hardness, the finish layers barrier level, and high traffic levels. Moreover, these factors will strengthen the hardwood floor to prevent nicks, dents, scratches, and stains that some floors get.


Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring – LVF – allows an attractive and dependable alternative for high foot traffic areas. Our contractor can vary your floor patterns to depict a natural stone, tile or hardwood presence. Importantly, this modern floor type has been redesigned to withstand high levels of humidity. Also, one key asset LVF has over previous models is that it supports an effortless locking installation.

What Places in your Home should Luxury Vinyl Floors be Installed at?

Luxury vinyl flooring is the most appropriate floor type for high humidity areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements. However, it can potentially be installed anywhere you like in your home.

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Is this a long-lasting flooring type?

Luxury vinyl flooring is very dependable and effortless to wipe clean. In fact, our luxury vinyl assortments are 100% impermeable. We can guarantee it’s protection if water comes into contact with it. For instance, it won’t absorb any liquids, enlarge, crumple, or lose stability. Lastly, some LVF materials are made with higher quality to prevent stains and marks making them tougher.

Various styles are readily accessible with modern luxury vinyl flooring


Traits of Engineered Tile Flooring

Engineered tile flooring is designed with approximately seventy percent limestone and additional strong material types. Importantly, it is the better option to natural stone, ceramic and/or porcelain tile. It has the opulent character and lasting durability you cherish about traditional tile. Also, it has a warmer tone and delicate surface for your feet.

What locations in your house can engineered tile be installed in?

Engineered tiles are quite resilient and adaptable that can be installed at any location in your home. Likewise, they are an excellent fit for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements. On the other hand, they are often used as backsplash or wall accent as well. In addition, engineered tiles have been designed to be installed over various surface types like subfloors. 

How strong is engineered tile flooring?

This flooring type is made to handle all types of environments and situations like: spills, debris, high foot traffic and grime. It is a quality designed product that can greatly benefit homeowners. Moreover, accidents such as heavy objects dropped on engineered tile won’t make a crack like natural stone.  

Some of the styles you might like are: terracotta, vintage slate, marble and travertine. Additionally, tiles that mirror linen fabric and reclaimed wood could be chosen. New motif options for walls, various tile sizes and shapes can transform the look of your home in remarkable ways. Call ProStar Home Flooring Installation Services today for a quote on your new floor!


Is Vinyl Sheet Flooring for You?

Vinyl floor coverings are made from PVC, fiberglass and dyes. The backing material is made to protect against against humidity and mold. Furthermore, vinyl sheet materials offer a wide range of choices customized to satisfy your money situation and style of living. Generally, it is sold as a large roll, which can be cut to size.

Vinyl flooring is accessible in a whole variety of designs and color choices. All of them come cushioned with foam underlayment for adding feet comfort. However, this padding may not be needed depending on your goal. Keep in mind that adding this extra cushion may affect the overall quality of your floors. In other words, it may make your vinyl weak against dents and nicks caused when objects are dropped on it.  Always think about the look and feel of your flooring when choosing a design pattern. Above all, it’s best if you spend a little extra for one that is resistant to scratches or dents.


What places can vinyl sheet flooring be installed in your house?

Vinyl sheet is quite versatile and dependable so that you can have it installed in any of your living spaces within your home. Its hardened sturdy surface makes it a great option for precipitation prone laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as basements.

There are essentially three functionality levels for most vinyl sheet suppliers, with various long-lasting and comfort options based on your budget. Also, state-of-the-art technology accommodates performance level types for superior functionality against nicks, dents, scratches, debris and stain resistance.

There a whole array of vinyl sheet flooring choices you can opt for:

Vinyl sheet provides a viable alternative flooring type for residential owners who crave the appearance of hardwood, ceramic tile or even natural stone at a much lower cost.


Vinyl Tile for your Lounge

The next floor type is vinyl tile, which is easy to install because the material is highly flexible. As a result, you can effortlessly revamp your home in just over a few days. In the same manner as vinyl sheet, vinyl tile is dependable, inexpensive and requires minimal upkeep.

What locations are ideal for your home?

Vinyl tile flooring design type can readily be installed on any smooth and level surface. For example, stairs, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms and high foot traffic areas.

Some of the most popular vinyl floor tile styles are:

  • Vinyl Floor Tiles
  • Vinyl Flooring Sheets
  • Armstrong Alterna Mesa Stone
  • Armstrong Alterna Enchanted Forest
  • Engineered Tile Flooring
  • Armstrong Flooring
  • Vinyl Floor Tiles Self Adhesive
  • Vinyl Flooring Planks
  • Sheet Vinyl Floor
  • Vinyl Flooring Rolls
  • Peel and Stick Vinyl Flooring

Is vinyl tile flooring a quality alternative?

Considering normal household foot traffic use, vinyl tile keeps well withstanding high usage with adults and kids alike. Moreover, they are resistant against dents from falling objects. Most manufacturers of vinyl tile flooring guarantee it to last between 5 to 10 years.


Laminate Flooring

This floor style type just like the previous options, provides realistic exuberant wood patterns, and sophisticated stone looks which works for a frugal budget. Secondly, if you are planning to install laminate flooring on your own, this is the perfect type for you. You can tackle and install it in a snap.

What areas around the house can laminate flooring be installed?

Laminate flooring can be quickly adaptable to any surface type. You can lay this type of flooring in any room in your house. For instance, the laundry room, dens, foyers, bathrooms, family rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Is laminate flooring as dependable as other options?

Laminate flooring has been designed to stand up against daily wear and tear from most households with high foot traffic.

What are the common choices in laminate flooring patterns you can pick from?

Whatever your design perspective is, it will be a breeze to accomplish with laminate flooring types. Also, you can be certain that it will always appear genuine. Laminate flooring design styles include hardwood, rural, old fashioned, and reclaimed appearance. It can also include stone looks ranging from slate tile to spanish-style pavers. Lastly, don’t forget to hire a professional flooring contractor to get the job done right the first time.