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Unless and until something goes horribly wrong, most people hardly give two hoots to drywall. Drywalls are taken for granted until they develop holes or get damaged. However, there is no need to panic as Pro Star Home is here to help you get your drywall fixed without spending a fortune on it. Pro Star Home is a Salinas based top drywall installation and drywall repair service provider. So, get in touch with us for all your drywall installation and maintenance service.


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As you and I are well aware, drywall is subject to wear and tear over the years. Now, it may look easy to fix, believe me, it is not. Without having prior experience and expertise, fixing a hole in the wall or celling can snowball into a major crisis. This is the reason why you need to put your trust on Pro Star Home, a leading drywall repair contractor in Salinas. We have the skills, the experience and the expertise to restitute your damaged wall to its former glory.

So many things can go wrong with drywall in the course of time. It can get dented, chipped or even punctured! So, what you are going to do then? If you are considering visiting your nearby hardware store to get a drywall repair kit, you are probably making a big mistake. The damaged area needs to be patched properly and it also has to be matched with the existing texture. This is a complex job and demands professional attention. So, in case your drywall gets damaged, contact Pro Star Home, a professional drywall installation and repair service provider.

Our expert drywall repair contractors will analyze the damage carefully before starting the drywall repairing process. However, if you want us to install drywall from the scratch, we can do that too.


drywall repair service

At Pro Star Home, we have mastered the art of drywall installation, replacement and repair. We take a result-oriented approach when it comes to drywall installation and repair.  Be it a commercial building or a residential home, our drywall repair experts are here to help.  It does not matter whether your drywall is made from stucco, plaster or sheetrock, we can get it fixed.

Overtime, the structural integrity of drywall gets compromised. Since drywall always come in contact with smoke, molds and water all the time, they tend to get damaged and therefore, it makes sense that you get your drywall inspected by professional.

At Pro Star Home, we have created a team of high skilled drywall repair specialists who work tirelessly to inspect and identify the structural integrity of your drywall before coming up with a renovation plan. No matter how small, how large or how complex the drywall repairing project is, we never shy away from it. At Pro Star Home, we love working on challenging drywall repair and installation projects. So, get in touch with us without any hesitation.

Pro Star Home Drywall Maintenance

Contrary to what most people believe, fresh installation of drywall is more complex than fixing a hole in the wall. There are so many things involved in it – like making the right measurement, choosing the right ingredient, selecting the right sized screws etc. So, as you can understand, the drywall installation process is complex and demands intervention from professional drywall repair and installation experts. Thankfully you don’t have to look any farther. All you have to do is to give Pro Star Home a call and we will take it from there.

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