Concord CA and its Beginnings

The history of Concord, California is troubled, fires and earthquakes litter its past. However, what resulted was a series of remarkable towns scattered along a beautiful valley. As one might think, the culture and background of these towns is unique among the other places in the Bay Region. When you look into the distant past you will see what makes this city so unique.

Honoring Concord’s Founder

The start of Concord begins with Don Pacheco Salvio, its creator. Pacheco got a land grant for all of Concord’s Ygnacio Valley. He then provided parcels to the homeowners of Todos Santos, which is now Concord. In large bronze statue has been erected in honor of Don Pacheco Salvio for the 150th year anniversary.

Todos Santos was the original name of Concord. It means “all saints” and the city plaza still bears the name. It became important in the 19th century when the people of Pacheco fled to Concord to prevent the destruction of fire and flood which ruined Pacheco’s previously flourishing economy.

The Original People in the Region

Miwok people lived in some valleys north of Mount Diablo. They fished and hunted in the mountains near San Francisco Bay. Spanish explorers started to cross the location in 1772, however did not settle there. In the year 1834, Salvio Pacheco got approved a Mexican land grant. This was at the bottom of Mount Diablo. Of course this is who the nearby town of Pacheco is named after.

The nearby Ygnacio and Clayton Valleys, near Concord, was a big farming place. In the eastern area, which is now the Concord Naval Defense Station, once had huge cattle ranches. They stretched almost to the marches around Suisun Bay. There were many crops grown here such as grapes, almonds, wheat, and hay.