Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

This is the perfect time to start your kitchen renovation or at least make some small changes. We have a fascinating list of kitchen remodeling ideas for you. Not only big makeovers may transform the look of your kitchen beyond your imagination, the best part is in the details.

Let’s put things into perspective at the beginning: whether you live on your own or with other family members, the kitchen is the busiest spot in your house. Starting from the morning coffee you stir up and cook that delicious omelet with sizzling onions, tomatoes, and potatoes with habanero sauce to that last herbal tea sip you savor every night, the kitchen remains the heart of your home. It’s perfectly understandable that kitchen design sometimes needs a new breath of fresh air, or at the very least, a fresh coat of paint.


  • Custom Kitchen Designs
  • Change the Outdated Kitchen Cabinets with Fresh Paint
  • Use Your Kitchen Space Effectively with a Functional Island
  • Wondering how much will your kitchen remodeling cost?
  • What does the One-Third Rule Consists of?
  • How to Setup an Investment Plan for Your Kitchen Makeover?
  • Who Should You Hire for Your Kitchen Remodeling?
  • Options for Your Kitchen Makeover
  • Are You Planning to Upgrade Your Kitchen Backsplash?
  • What’s Your Budget and Time Frame to Complete Your Backsplash?
  • Special Feature Designs for Your Kitchen Backsplash
  • What You Can Do to Save on Your Backsplash Project
  • Avoid Overspending on Your Project Needs
  • Common Steps for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project
  • Are you ready to start your kitchen renovation project?

Custom Kitchen Designs

Our custom kitchen designs will give you a breath of inspiration for your own kitchen makeover. You may also want to explore charming outdoor kitchen design ideas for insights on your own backyard cooking area.

Look at these kitchen adorning ideas to renovate kitchenette décor, style appearance, functionality, and elegance in the center of your home.

There are a variety of design styles and layout alternatives from a contemporary galley kitchen eat-in, to dozens of kitchen design genre and layout options to provoke an idea for your next kitchen renovation project.

Updating your culinary and cookhouse area with tile backsplash is:

  • A long-lasting
  • Visually attractive, and
  • Functional design choice

It allows sufficient room for your own creativity to gleam through. If you choose the highest quality decorative subway tile, you may as well, design your own pattern to resemble the look you want.

Change the Outdated Kitchen Cabinets with Fresh Paint

With some basic work and a little dexterity, you can transform a large or small kitchen zone with a fresh coat of shiny paint and new cabinet hardware features. For a slick, refined look, consider neutral shades or bright white tones. Check out our latest guide on Prepping and Painting Kitchen Cabinets as an assistance for these simple kitchen ideas.

Use Your Kitchen Space Effectively with a Functional Island

Kitchenette islands serve for more than just preparing an area for food and gathering around for a quick bite to dish and pots storage with homey seating. Island sizes and functionality features vary depending on your needs or the capacity of your kitchen area. Check How to Build Stylish Kitchen Islands.

A kitchen makeover is much more than just installing an island. Your goal isn’t only to rejuvenate the space most dear to your house, but it also provides a fresh, modern kitchen design style for it to continue to be the heart of your family.

Our ProStar Handyman Service experts will take your concept idea and turn it into reality for your home most precious kitchen makeover.

Wondering how much will your kitchen remodeling cost?

According to the Home Remodeling Costs Guide, the NKBA suggests setting aside a budget between 15-20% of the value of your home.

Kitchen remodeling costs may vary based on your home value, for example:

  • For a home valued at $250,000, your kitchen remodel budget would be approximately $37,000-$50,000
  • For a home valued at $500,000, your kitchen remodel budget would be approximately $75,000-$100,000

On the other hand, the National Average Kitchen Remodeling Cost for a mid-range a major kitchen remodel was $66,196, according to HGTV.

Their national average cost for a premium notable kitchen remodel with custom cabinets, exclusive hardware, high-end appliances and décor stone countertops in 2019 was $131,510.

Your contractor should be able to provide you with pricing specific details per your request.

What does the One-Third Rule Consists of?

Before you consider asking yourself how to assign your budget dollars for your kitchen remodel’s total cost, it’s essential you follow the “one-third rule” so you don’t overspend on a single area of your kitchen makeover.

The one-third rule, according to Investopedia, estimates change in labor efficiency based on allotments in your budget designated to labor. Professional contractors use this rule to determine the impact changes it causes on technology and budget have on capacity.

How to Setup an Investment Plan for Your Kitchen Makeover?

If you consider that it’s a good idea to ask 15 people what to invest on in your kitchen transformation before you start on your kitchen remodeling project, you’ll get 15 different answers and lead you nowhere. Every kitchen renovation has many balancing elements to analyze. They represent where your priorities are with the money you have designated for your project. It’s best to begin by setting your mind on what’s crucial for you, then setup an investment plan that will address every need strategically.

Because so many homeowners are interested to renovate their kitchens, it’s probable you can find a remodeling handyman who specializes in kitchens.

Who Should You Hire for Your Kitchen Remodeling?

You or your general contractor – GC – may end up hiring different sub-contractors across several fields from kitchen cabinet craftsmen to plumbers and electricians to flooring experts and countertop installation handymen who don’t have a clear channel of communication among themselves creating a complete chaos.

It’s absolutely best for you to hire a capable kitchen designer through ProStar Home who will manage all your needs under one roof and create an immaculate kitchenette affordable design. Our craftsmen possess all the experience and know-how to fulfill all your kitchen needs.

Options for Your Kitchen Makeover

When you are looking for solid ideas for inspiration on your own patio, you should explore unique beautiful outdoor kitchen design ideas for your cooking space.

ProStar Home Handyman is the kitchen renovation expert you need. Take your kitchen from ordinary to amazing and do it all under one roof with one designer who can handle all your kitchen transformation needs from kitchen cabinet replacement, to installation of waterproof floor. We will create a completely new kitchen design makeover on-time and on-budget with all your requirements.

Are You Planning to Upgrade Your Kitchen Backsplash?

Upgrading your kitchen backsplash design is one of the simplest and cost-effective ways to revamp the look of your old kitchen. An uncomplicated backsplash makeover will create a compelling impact on your kitchen. It’s the first area that draws your attention when renovating your prep-food area because no makeover is complete without a new charming backsplash. It’s the most vulnerable and forgotten area of the heart of your home. The backsplash takes it all and withstand all the messes from food residues to hot oil splashes, and it doesn’t whine at all.

When doing a makeover of your kitchen backsplash, visit your neighborhood store and consider new changes you want to include from the material to the design style and transform the feel and look of your kitchen. Check out more Kitchen Backsplash Trend Features.

What’s Your Budget and Time Frame to Complete Your Backsplash?

Consider a simple coat of paint when you are short on cash and with a limited time to complete it. When you have more time and money, you can incorporate a whole variety of materials and styles depending on your existing matching material in other areas of your kitchen.

Special Feature Designs for Your Kitchen Backsplash

Contemplate using a stencil to create a full design in a secondary accent color to create contrast when you are artistically inclined. Various kitchen backsplash designs might be enough for you to come up with a winning combination if you can’t afford a complete makeover.

When you just want to add an extra color, consider selecting between two different looks like matte, satin, eggshell and high gloss finishes styles to give a new life to your kitchen space. On the other hand, if you think your kitchen backsplash needs more than just color and you can afford employing different materials you wish to use, the kitchen is the best place for you to splurge and create a complete transformation.

What You Can Do to Save on Your Backsplash Project

You can always save costs by doing it on your own instead of hiring a professional handyman. Just make sure you know what you are doing before you tackle something you may not have the skills in and end up spending more money than what a handyman would charge you. When you’re able to manage it on your own, you will choose the best material depending on your personal taste, inclination, and budget.

Avoid Overspending on Your Project Needs

A plumber may quote you $500 just to replace a faucet using a standard one; if you were yearning for a nicer one, the quote may climb up to $650. We at ProStar Home offer you affordable costs for your everyday needs.

Compare quotes from top-rated 1Enter Zip 2Add Details 3Get Pros Enter Zip Add Details Get Pros Compare quotes from top-rated 1Enter Zip 2Add Details 3Get Pros Enter Zip Add Details Get Pros First Name* Please tell us a little about your project.

Get custom quotes from at least 3 pre-screened pros at your convenience.

Common Steps for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Here are some of the typical steps that go into an average kitchen remodeling project:

The Top 10 Steps for a Kitchen Remodeling Project

  1. Demolition Phase
  2. Rough-In Inspection for Electrical and Plumbing
  3. Thorough Inspection
  4. Drywall Installation
  5. Patching, Priming and Painting Walls
  6. Install Kitchen Garden Window
  7. Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware Fixtures
  8. Bring in New Dishwasher
  9. Install New Hardwood Flooring
  10. Your New Kitchen Transformation

Keep in mind, each project has its unique features based on the customer’s requirements. Each remodeler may approach the remodeling project slightly different from the steps below.

  1. Demolition Phase

The remodeler must have a very good idea of the project scope of work. Then the work starts with the demolition phase tearing down all that the customer request to renovate.

Before you can create a beautiful new space, it’s important to demo and remove of all the outdated cabinets, hardware fixtures, walls, sink, countertop, appliances and floor. Some property owners may want to handle this phase on their own, but it is safer to hire an experienced contractor to complete the work. Expert teams possess the know-how and experience to remove plumbing, pipes and old electrical wiring hidden behind walls or beneath cabinets in a safe manner without causing potential hazards.

If you decide to tackle this phase by yourself, you need to make sure to turn off the water before starting to remove the pipes. Also, it is a safe practice to turn off the power before touching the electrical system. Keeping the floor free from debris is part of the normal operation for any demolition work.

Demolition Phase

  1. Rough-In Inspection for Electrical and Plumbing

Once you have installed the plumbing and electrical, you need to employ a third party for a professional inspection. These professionals will make sure you have all the ducks in a row and all your T’s crossed. They will guarantee your city inspector gives you the final approval for your contractor to continue with the work and start covering the walls with new drywall.

No matter what work you do with your kitchen, whether you tear down a wall and create a new one, you will need to re-route your previous plumbing pipes and rewire the electrical power outlets. You professional inspector will test that the water pipes work per city requirements and your electrical system meets the National Electrical Code – NEC – requirements.

Though this step is time-consuming and it’s best if a professional construction crew handles this phase, if your contractor follows the direction and guidance of your city inspector, your remodeling project will pass final inspection.

Electrical and Plumbing

Electrical and Plumbing Electrical and Plumbing

  1. Thorough Inspection

After you’ve finished the rough-in work, it is time for a city professional inspector to check your work. In most cases, when you need service from the City of Salinas permit office during the Covid-19 pandemic, city personnel will begin processing applications online.  The process starts with an electronic submittal to all Divisions within the Department. You will need to contact the City Hall for new building applications or resubmittals of Building Permits by calling 831-758-7251 or submitting an email at

When you start the process keep in mind there might be some fees you may need to pay before your city inspector can come out to your house for the inspection.

All you need to do is follow all applicable building codes and requirements for your jurisdiction and you shouldn’t have a problem. This way you can smoothly move onto the next step in your kitchen remodeling. If you fail final inspection, then you will learn from your mistakes and move on.

Thorough Inspection

  1. Drywall Installation

Once your renovation project passes final inspection for your plumbing and electrical, it is time to hang drywall and finish the walls. This includes any drywall necessary for the ceiling, around the staircase, a countertop bar, or other areas around the kitchen. If you don’t have the skills in this area, contemplate hiring a contractor to finish up this phase.

Although installing drywall is not rocket science, you will benefit the most by learning the principles before you start the work, rather than after you’re already started. You just need to get familiar with the essentials for how to install drywall, smooth out the sheets, fill in the nail hole heads and gain trust in yourself to tackle the job on your own.

Hanging Sheetrock doesn’t require a lot of expert skills, but it is heavy work that will cost you a sweat. Keep in mind you must have a strong back to keep up hanging sheets for two or even three rooms on your own.

There are proper steps you can follow to install drywall on your own. Knowing the basics will demonstrate your skills for hanging drywall.  Check our guide Basics for Hanging Drywall.

Our drywall experts will demonstrate the proper techniques and tools we use to get a seamless installation.

Drywall Installation 2

  1. Patching, Priming and Painting Walls

Since drywall panels are so easy to install and join, they are also easy to repair using different methods. You can use paper joint tape and a dab amount of drywall compound as this is all it takes to restore most small holes on drywall surfaces.

The way to make paper joint tape to stick on drywall is with a light application of joint compound with a drywall spatula as this allows it to adhere easily on the wall area you want to repair.

You have different options when you want to patch tiny holes from previous nails, minor dents and/or crack repairs on your drywall surfaces before you paint.

If you’re patching small nail holes, you can cover them up by dabbing a small amount of joint compound on the damaged drywall areas, then sand to give a smooth finish. You may need to repeat this process three or four times until you achieve a perfectly uniform surface.

When you’re patching a large number of holes and other imperfections, you need to make sure to maintain a solid structure of the wall you’re working on. As part of the process to re-establish a perfectly even surface, keep in mind that a smooth surface is the ultimate goal of the wall even after you apply the first couple of primer coats. Check our guide How to Fix Ordinary Wall Problems

When is it Necessary to Apply Primer?

The question of whether to apply primer paint or not before you start painting the main color coat is unclear because most people have a different view on the subject.

Paint manufacturers like Dunn Edwards almost always recommend you brush, roll, or spray one or two coats of primer paint first as this is the best alternative of producing a better color coat finish. Painting contractors are biased as they usually charge by the hour and they usually recommend employing the use of a primer. On the other hand, paint contractors charging by the job might lean towards no primer, especially if they include the materials and are bidding the job at a lower cost.

Do-it-yourself painters typically want to skip priming before painting, when they are not changing the base color. However, the answer is less based on objective factors how the finished color will have an adverse effect on its appearance. It’s most likely based on subjective factors such as cost and time of the project at hand. Priming represents as much work effort as applying down the color coat. Every brush stroke and every roll on the wall is the same as you would do for the final color coat; this is why some paint manufacturers now offer paint products that already include the primer in the color paint.

Patching, Priming and Painting WallsPatching, Priming and Painting Walls-2

  1. Install Kitchen Garden Window

There are several steps you must take to make sure you professionally install your new garden window.

Here are the steps you need to follow and ensure to install your window professionally:

  • Take Measurements of Current Opening and Order the Window
  • Inspect the New Window for Flawless Condition
  • Check-Fit the New Window
  • Check for an Unblemished Seal
  • Apply Flashing Tape Around the Window
  • Fit the Garden Window into Place
  • Drive Nails Through the Window Nailing Edge
  • Cut Vinyl Siding to Size

When you follow these steps carefully, you will make sure you take all the necessary precautions to avoid any potential problems with your new garden window installation.

Check our guideline for Installing Your New Garden Window in Your Kitchen

Install Kitchen Garden WindowInstall Kitchen Garden Window

  1. Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware Fixtures

Your next chronological step for the kitchen renovation process comes with the installation of cabinets and drawer hardware fixtures. This is also the prime time for installation of new stone countertops. In most instances, it is the most rewarding part of the project as you can finally start to witness the finished project to take shape and you can clearly visualize the end in sight. Just dream that spacious new kitchen you’ve had your eye on for months only in your mind until finally making it a reality in your renovated home space.

During this phase of your remodeling, you’ll be adding a new double kitchen sink, faucet, and garbage disposal. You will also connect your new dishwasher to the plumbing under your sink. This is also the perfect time to reroute your plumbing to accommodate your needs. It would be best if you leave this step for the professional installers as you will save a lot of headaches.

Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware FixturesKitchen Cabinets and Hardware FixturesKitchen Cabinets and Hardware Fixtures-2Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware Fixtures-3Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware Fixtures-3

  1. Bring in New Dishwasher

After you have installed the plumbing fixtures and kitchen cabinets along with the cabinet hardware, it is time inline to start installing your new appliances. Among these appliances, they include items such as the built-in microwave, refrigerator, stove, and oven, finally your dishwasher. On the rare occasion if you’re adding some luxurious items such as a water filtration system or wine chiller, this is the right time to complete these equipment installations.

Your new renovation is now starting to look like your dream kitchen at this point in the process. When you’re working with a professional contractor, they will most likely have a timeline or checklist they go by to assist them in determining when the overall project reaches completion. Sit down, sip your favorite beverage, and make a list of all outstanding tasks to help you keep all the tasks right on track when you’re attempting to complete the project yourself.

Bring in New DishwasherBring in New Dishwasher-2

  1. Install New Hardwood Flooring

Once all the cabinets are in place, it is time to lay the new flooring. Though some professionals would rather handle hardwood or tile installation prior to cabinetry, we at ProStar Home Handyman Services feel it is best to save it for last. Of course we can’t generalize this for all the construction projects. It’s best to treat this step on a project-by-project basis as there are many variables at play.

This step is also the time to lay the ceramic tiles for your décor backsplash as your kitchen cabinets are now permanently in place.

Select the colors and styles that match your unique taste and floor fashion. It is the optimum time to lay your flooring redwood hardwood planks. There are so many different options to choose from on the market today, among the materials available for flooring are:

  • Vinyl
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Linoleum
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Porcelain
  • Natural Stone Tile
  • Hardwood planks
  • Engineered Wood

There’s the best material to appeal for any space in your home.

Install New Hardwood Flooring-2

  1. Your New Kitchen Transformation

Congratulations! Your dream renovation project is now complete. Now take the time to sit back and chill to celebrate your gorgeous newfound kitchen.

Let the party start!

Prepare your favorite meal for friends and family and show them your new kitchen while you pour yourself a glass of wine. No matter if you handled the renovation project alone or hired a professional contractor, you now have a charming place to enjoy with the people you love and cherish all the memories you make.

Kitchen TransformationKitchen Transformation

Are you ready to start your kitchen renovation project?

ProStar Home Handyman Service Contractors is available to serve customers in Monterey County where homeowners create the lifetime space of their dreams. We’ve been remodeling kitchens since 1998. Contact us today to schedule your next project review appointment without obligation.