Interested to pursue a career as a licensed handyman? Well, the career of a licensed handyman is quite lucrative yet the license requirements for handyman vary from one state to another. Therefore, before planning your career, it is essential for you to be familiar with the laws of the state. Also, you may find it interesting to know that some states do not require you to have a handyman license and, in that case, you may have to apply for handyman business license. Whatever be the laws of the land, there are some basic criteria that every handyman needs to follow. They are:

  • A minimum educational qualification of high school diploma
  • Getting a handyman training from a professional association.
  • Enrolling to a technical school or community college.
  • Hands-on training under certified professional.
  • Paying the certification fees on time to avoid any delay in receiving the certification.
  • Enquiring about the books, guides and other study materials that you need to read before appearing for the examination. There are a number of study materials for handyman license, yet all of them are not equally useful.
  • Enquire whether the state in which you are operating requires handyman license and business license or any one of them.

Skills set to become a professional handyman

A handyman working in any part of the United States is considered as versatile laborers. Therefore, before starting your career as a professional, you need to have hands-on experience of the task and gain familiarity with the tools as well as techniques of the job. You also need to have a clear understanding of the local and state building codes. Irrespective of the state in which you are working, clients expect specialized handyman to have skills like:

  • Exterior or interior seasonal maintenance.
  • The distinct idea of landscaping design elements and features, viz. wishing-wells, gazebos, bridges, fountains, patios, decks, porches, etc.
  • Installation and repairing of the roof.
  • Remodeling and upgrading of structures based on handyman license requirements.
  • Installation of ceramic tiles.

While some handyman jobs are quite complex, there are others, pretty simple and requires less expertise. Therefore, you can easily find jobs as per your knowledge and skill sets.

Top Tips To Become A Handyman Contractor

Training and certification are necessary for any handyman contractor working in the United States. Yet, to work successfully, you can follow some useful tips.

  • Select the type of specialization, viz. construction, electrical, plumbing, home remodeling, etc.
  • Get additional degrees or certifications for your specialization
  • Before enrolling for a specialization certification, candidates are expected to have a primary certification for ease of understanding.
  • Enroll in a professional association.
  • Anyone, who is not much interested in specialization and looking for a general handyman license for works like hanging doors, painting, lawn care or cleaning gutters.
  • Whether you have a general handyman license or have sought for specialization, to keep yourself updated, it is essential for you to attend workshops and seminars that are conducted from time to time.
  • Also be careful about the laws of the land and building codes, as these might be amended for safety concerns and better service level.
  • Just having adequate skills is not enough. You should be familiar with the hazards of the job as well and get handyman insurance cover. Some states have mandated handyman insurance cover and working without insurance may lead to legal action.
  • Irrespective of the type of your handyman license, remain in touch with the general contractor license board of your area. This will help you in improving your skill sets and keep you updated with every required update.

Though almost every handyman follows the above-mentioned tips, not everyone attains a similar level of success. It is the work ethics and expertise of the job that helps in building the reputation of any handyman, which in turn determines the level of success.

Getting a license of handyman service and an in-depth knowledge of the skill set is not enough. You need to have professional commitment and responsibility for the job, which you are undertaking. Also, you need to renew your license at the right time and avoid any legal hassles. Information regarding licensed handyman is available on the online portal of the board of contractors and you can check them out.