Kitchen makeovers on a budgetThe best method to achieve kitchen makeovers on a budget is understanding where to invest and where to save. This will be your guide for a cheap kitchen remodel should that be your goal. The prices mentioned here are estimates only, you should check out the average cost to renovate a kitchen in your area before you make any decisions.

Do Some Research and Ask Some Questions before Starting your Kitchen Makeover

Examine the area you live in. You can do this by looking at the property listings nearby. You can then choose how much you would like to spend on a new kitchen. It is likewise essential to choose just how much you are comfy with it from a Do-It-Yourself point of view. Would you be willing to paint your own kitchen cabinets? It will cost you about $200 for DIY pain supplies or $2,000 to hire someone. Of course that will depend on the area size of your kitchen though. It will be wise to take the additional time to do it yourself by reading tutorials about painting. These first 3 ideas will focus on Do-It-Yourself budgets and the 4th will cover hiring a contractor option.

1. Kitchen Renovation Spending Plan of $500

This idea is best for house owners who want to change out their old laminated countertops and add some backsplash to their kitchen area. Adding some paint and updated surfaces to your kitchen will create a much needed fresh atmosphere. This should be acceptable until you are ready for something more fancy. The important difference to note in this idea is that you will not be painting the cabinets. If you want more ideas on how to save you can search for “kitchen makeovers on a budget Pleasant Hill CA.” This would give you more accurate results should you live in Pleasant Hill.

2. Kitchen Renovation Spending Plan of $1,500

A budget of $1,500 can actually go pretty far with your kitchen remodeling project. This idea involves new do-it-yourself painted cabinets, do-it-yourself subway tile backsplash, lighting fixture installation, and butcherblock countertops, and new hardware pulls. If this is an upgrade from generic contractor or laminate cabinetry then it will be a very noticeable indeed. Not to mention a pretty cheap kitchen remodel should you choose this option.

3. Kitchen Renovation Spending Plan of $2,500

The idea behind using this $2,500 plan is utilizing a mix of butcherblock in part of the kitchen area for savings. Also using a granite or quartz section on the island to improve the atmosphere of your kitchen. Brass has a welcome look to it and can seem more friendly than chrome for example. You could use brass on your pulls and other visual points in your kitchen to create great beauty and warmth. For this reason it can be a good reason to spend more on handles as they can add a lot to the overall style of your kitchen area. At this price-point you can also add a new faucet choosing from the many choices available. Because prices change often it’s a good idea to check the average cost to renovate a kitchen so you know what you are getting into.

4. Kitchen Renovation Spending Plan of $6,000

This spending plan of $6,000 is for people who do not have the patience, time, or expertise to do a complete DIY of their kitchen renovation. This budget includes having a professional pain the cabinets and countertops installed. However, the backsplash would still need to be done personally by the house owner. You can mix and match what you choose to install to save money such choosing a higher quality countertop and opting for cheaper pulls, backsplash, etc.

The previous ideas for kitchen makeovers on a budget used in this article should only be used to aid in your own kitchen remodel project. You should measure your own kitchen area before deciding to order anything such as countertops, tile, or hardware. Also, the prices mentioned are not solid and subject to change. You should research “average cost to renovate a kitchen” or even “kitchen makeovers on a budget Pleasant Hill CA” to find the right prices for your area and situation.